Brewing Change is a crowd-funding campaign designed to raise the necessary capital for expansion of Blessed Coffee into retail business markets and to allow for the more complete implementation of its Virtuous Exchange business model.

Blessed Coffee and its Virtuous Exchange model were developed by its founders in response to often deeply inequitable trade practices.  Practices that can leave Ethiopian coffee farmers, who do the brunt of the work of supplying the coffee, with only the smallest of shares in what is an $18 billion dollar annual business in the US.  Additionally, America’s coffee consumers pay a phenomenally hefty price for the coffee that they drink.  Studies have shown that the mark up on a cup of coffee can average more than 300 percent.  Beyond offering a socially just alternative to the pilfering and gouging that often marks the international coffee business, Blessed Coffee envisions that its business model will serve as a catalyst for more robust US-Africa trade and as an inspirational wealth-building model for those struggling here in America and around the world.

The time is ripe for the expansion of both Blessed Coffee and the Virtuous Exchange model.  Hometown support for a Blessed Coffee retail outlet is bursting at the seams. Takoma Park residents have experienced not only the singular delights of the coffee itself, but also the beauty and tradition of Ethiopian roasting ceremonies and the joy of dining on delicious Ethiopian dishes served by Tebabu and Sara in their home.  On the street, at the farmers market, at city council meetings residents are voicing their support and desire for a Blessed Coffee café that will bring these experiences to the community in one place, every day. A perfect locale for the business has been found in Takoma Park’s up and coming downtown district and a group of impact investors is working on purchasing the property.

Why You Should Support Brewing Change

“There must exist a paradigm, a practical model for social change that includes an understanding of ways to transform consciousness that are linked to efforts to transform structures.”     –Bell Hooks, Author and Social Activist

We invite you to join us* front and center to be part of the next evolution in great social change movements.  Virtuous Exchange promotes a kind of economic give-and-take that is rooted in the desire for full actualization for all parties, not just meagerly incremental and controlled life “improvements.”   Your support of the Brewing Change campaign helps to ensure that the ideal of Virtuous Exchange is realized through a robust Blessed Coffee wholesale and retail business—a business that aspires to a national reach for its innovative practices and its divinely delicious products.

Your $50 donation to Brewing Change pays for the paint, drywall, and other labor and materials that will bring the Blessed Coffee café into being.  The opening of the café will not only represent the hard won accomplishments of a visionary immigrant couple, but also the hopes and dreams of the more than 240,000 Ethiopian farmers—representing more than a million family members–who will not only directly supply the café’s coffee, but who are each also part owners of the business. Opening the café is essential to proving and growing the Virtuous Exchange model.

Give to the Brewing for Change campaign today, in whatever amount is comfortable for you.  Venture away from the sidelines and let history count you among those who were a part of the movemen


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* The Brewing for Change campaign team is comprised of 13 diverse community members who are each personally committed to making positive change in the world and who have come together to lend their considerable gifts and talents to a movement—Virtuous Exchange—that they deeply believe will have that impact.