One of the most rewarding aspects of being in my forties is that I find enjoyment in the everyday of life. I enjoy hearing the birds chirp in the morning, watching the grass grow, the leaves change from green to brown to eventually falling from the trees, children playing, the sun rising in the morning, the rain hitting my window pain, and simply reflecting on how blessed I am to be healthy and alive.  I quite literally find joy in the everyday of life.  And it is with this mindset in which I approach my day. My daily goal is to think positive thoughts and I make the conscious decision to only connect with others who are positive thinkers.  The Brewing Change Team is a team of positive thinkers who are committed to bringing forth social justice and I am proud to be a member.

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When you have a company that specializes in building and managing social networks connecting with positive thinking people, it is not only preferred, it is extremely beneficial.  I live my life according to the principle that a positive mental attitude and definiteness of purpose is the starting point toward all worthwhile achievement. It is within that context that I created my company King Connections a business-consulting firm that specializes in building and managing social networks and leveraging them into connected-engaged communities. As a Benefits Corporation and Conscious Capitalist I choose to work only with socially responsible businesses, CEOs, and non-profits organizations whose mission is to serve others in a positive-measurable impactful process. My personal standard that I set for myself is that my I am not finished until my smile bring forth smiles on the faces of others and this can only be accomplished by ensuring that my clients and their stakeholders benefit. Being a member of the Brewing Change Team allows me to work with 15 other likeminded individuals who believe in that same standard.

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  There is nothing more gratifying than working with clients and projects that are aligned with my values, particularly those that connect with me spiritually and elevate my consciousness to the next level. The Brewing Change crowd funding campaign is just such a project.  The Brewing Change crowd funding campaign is created for two primary purposes.  The first is to raise $500,000 for my client Blessed Coffee who will use the money as a down payment on a community-coffee café in Takoma Park, MD.  The second is to implement the founders of Blessed Coffee Tebabu’s and Sara’s socially conscious business model Virtuous Exchange.  This quest has assembled the most diverse team of individuals that I have ever had the privilege of working with.

 Starting with its founders and creators, Tebabu Assefa and Sara Mussie, two paragons of virtue that I feel blessed to know their acquaintance.  Their compassion and desire to destroy a horrible injustice that they have witnessed perpetrated on coffee farmers in their home country of Ethiopia has inspired policy makers, community leaders, business associations, friends, colleagues, universities, non-profit organizations and family members to join their noble cause.  What I find to be most extraordinary is the diversity of cultures, races, religions, genders, and ethnic backgrounds in Tebabu’s and Sara’s social network. 

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We have consistently gathered bi-weekly for the past 11 weeks and before each meeting begins this diverse team of individuals sit down to a delicious, healthy, and beautifully prepared meal.  I personally believe that the love and attention that Tebabu and Sara put into making the food sets the framework for an evening filled with spirited discussions of which each member is actively and passionately engaged.

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After the delightful and always colorful meal we begin each meeting with a check-in.  In which each team member is giving the opportunity to share what is happening in their life while the others empathically listen.   Tebabu always surprises the team by inviting guests to each meeting consisting of State Senator Jamie Raskin, Takoma Park City Council members Terry Seamens, Seth Grimes, and Jarred Smith and occasionally we are fortunate to have a guest from overseas such as Tadesse Meskela the founder and general manager of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union and the inspiration behind Blessed Coffee.  Each meeting concludes with a check-out, which is usually a one word description of how each team member is currently feeling.  Words such as elated, inspired, moved, excited, and passionate are what you typically hear.  Out of all the business meetings that I attend the Brewing Change Team’s are the most spiritually uplifting and personally heartwarming.

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Being a part of the Brewing Change Team has impacted my life in a positive way and has truly taught me the true significance behind the Stephen R. Covey poem

“I sought my God, and my God I could not find/I sought my soul, and my soul eluded me/I sought to serve my brother in his need, and I found all three/My God, my soul, and thee.”

4 thoughts on “The Brewing Change Team – Heroes in the Battle for Social Justice.

  1. King, thanks for sharing your experience working on the Brewing Change Campaign and what it has meant to you.  I've enjoyed working with you as well and appreciate the positive energy that you bring to the group.

  2. I couldn't agree with King more. Not only do Sara and Tebabu personify inspiration for me, but I've also been so personally uplifted by the other amazing individuals who've assembled to work on this campaign.  This is truly a special group–a group that undoubtedly has the energy to make amazing things happen!

  3. Wow King, I love it! Very deep and from the heart and personal. Thank you for sharing what our work together has meant to you!

  4. King, I really enjoyed reading your piece!  It was really moving portrayal of the campaign and the beliefs we hold dear to ourselves.  Thank you for your positive and inspiring words.

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